Nintex: The No Code Document Generation Solution

Nintex:  The No Code Document Generation Solution
Joel Rollins
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Nintex: The No Code Document Generation Solution

Document generation is one of things that employees in different departments of an organization do as part of creating deliverables for their companies or clients.  For the Citizen Developer Nintex DocGen for Salesforce has become one of the top tools for no code generation of documents.  I will list four reasons why Nintex DocGen has become so popular.

1.       Simplicity

When compared to other document generation applications, Nintex DocGen for Salesforce is a no code solution.  This allows for the Citizen Developer to retrieve data from documents and reports using an intuitive drag and drop design interface.

2.       No Longer Redo Work

Nothing is worse than having to start over a job when transferring work from a test environment to your production environment.  Nintex’s in-app migration tool allows the Citizen Developer to avoid losing the progress that they have made when promoting a test project to production

3.       Do More With Your Documents

The automation of company processes is something that is of great interest of Citizen Developers.  With Nintex DocGen for Salesforce, document generation will play an important part of your organization’s Process Automation portfolio. You can access advanced workflow, forms and analytic capabilities all from within your organization’s Salesforce environment, along with your DocGen actions.

4.       Customer Feedback

Customer Service Citizen Developers, Nintex DocGen will become your favorite application!  You can automate your documents such as quotes, service documents, and contracts. With DocGen for Salesforce, you have the ability to tag fields and then merge that data directly into documents, and all of this is integrated in the Salesforce interface.

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