Ditch Paper Forms

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Ditch Paper Forms

As organizations begin to make their digital transformation, Citizen Developers can have a role to play in advising on the best areas to start.  A great place to start are paper forms.  Going paperless has been a goal for many organizations for years.  Nintex offers a no code solution for transforming manual paper-based forms into responsive dynamic, digital forms that can be accessed from just about anywhere on any device.  Below, are three common processes that can be digitized with Nintex Modern Forms.

Remote Data Entry for Field Workers

Field workers such as insurance and home inspectors depend on paper forms and spreadsheets to track items.  With Nintex Forms, Citizen Developers can create a solution to digitize these form and records and make them available on mobile devices.  Now, when remote field workers record their data, the information is automatically routed to a SharePoint database that is monitored by a business analysts or processing agent.

Travel Requests and Approvals

One issue that just about every organization must deal with are travel requests.  Here is yet another opportunity for the Citizen Developer to transform a process that probably everyone in your organization uses. Using Nintex, a Citizen Developer, with no code, will be able to quickly streamline these requests.  Using a combination of Nintex Forms, Workflows and SharePoint can route travel request filled out in a Nintex form to their manager for approval and store the travel request in a SharePoint library.

Hardcopy Timesheets

Many organizations have legacy timesheet process still in place.  Being a manual process places an unnecessary burden on the HR department. Usually this legacy process involves employees filling out a hardcopy timesheet and then sending it to HR.  The HR staff then needs to manually import this information into a payroll system.

Once again, here comes the Citizen Developer and Nintex to the rescue.  With Nintex Forms and workflow, the Citizen Developer can digitize this entire process with little or no code.  An automated process can be built in relatively little time where when a employee submits their hours using a Nintex form, that data is routed to their manager for approval and then eventually to the organization’s payroll system via Nintex Workflow.

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