Are You A Human Resources Citizen Developer?

Are You A Human Resources Citizen Developer?
Richard Tesmer
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Are You A Human Resources Citizen Developer?

Are you in the Human Resources Department or serve those functions for your organization?  Even you can be a Citizen Developer and lead your organization to sucess! 

The number one most obvious Human Resource process that needs you - is the on-boarding or hiring of employees!  Often a process laden series of emails, printed forms, documents and meetings- all just waiting for you to automate them.

How about the next time you, or any other member of the organization, needs to request time off for vacation or any other reason for a leave request?  Dont just send an email, use a form pre-populated with all the relevant data, routed to all the appropriate approvers and then back to Human Resources for tracking!

When was your last training class?  What is next?  How about a process for tracking training and certifications for everyone, easily managed by Human Resources?

If you dont ASK, you simply wont KNOW!  Use a survey to solicit team feedback!

Did you get a raise or a promotion?  The Human Resource process for an employee change of status is the perfect Human Resource process for the Citizen Developer to have a large impact on improving processes!

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