Are You A Finance or Administration Citizen Developer?

Are You A Finance or Administration Citizen Developer?
Richard Tesmer
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Are You A Finance or Administration Citizen Developer?

Yes, Even A Finance or Administration Team Member Can Become a Citizen Developer! 

Sometimes process such as travel requests are handled by Human Resources, other times it may fall to some one with finance or administrative responsibilities.  Regardless of who this falls too, you can be the hero in your organization when you take on the automation of the travel reqeust process as a Citizen Developer!

Likewise, purchase requests can fall into a very similar pattern- but never fear, you are THE CITIZEN DEVELOPER with a tool belt filled with tools to automate these cumbersome processes.

Speaking of cumbersome processes, what about Contract Management!?!  The Citizen Developer can receive quick praise for helping to automate what can be a heavy paper and email process!

Become a hero to your fellow team members by tackling Expense Claims and help get them approved and processed faster then before- getting you and your team mates reimbursed sooner then before.

And never forget  your vendors!  They too will apprecaite streamlined processes created and manged by a knowledgable member of ther finance or administrative teams as the Citizen Developer!



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