Are You An Operations Or Procurement Citizen Developer?

Are You An Operations Or Procurement Citizen Developer?
Joel Rollins
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Are You An Operations Or Procurement Citizen Developer?

Operations and Procurement Officers can also participate in the growing wave of Citizen Developers improving their organization’s processes.


The #1 Operations process that can use a Citizen Developer hero are travel Requests.  Every company has people that regularly travel.  Normally there is some kind of approval process and after the trip, an expenses report.  This common process is just waiting for you, the Citizen Developer, to save everyone from this painful, manual process.


Another common process that is begging to automated is the Product Approval Process.  Automating your organization's Product Approval process will make everyone's life just that little bit easier on the job.


You know more than anyone in your organization that your Quality Assurance process would benefit from some automation.  Why wait for the IT department to acquire some expensive piece of software when you can use tools created for the Citizen Developer to automate the process yourself?


Vendor Contract Approval often involves a ton of paper, sometimes a messenger service and more time than sometimes necessary.  As a Citizen Developer, you can streamline this process and bring it into the 21st century with digitization.  Documents are electronically transferred and signed, cutting down on the time and expense of this process.


As a Citizen Developer, you can save your organization money by automating your purchase order system.  Many surveys have reported that there are major inefficiencies in their company's purchase order process.  Automation can solve many purchase order problems such as illegible handwriting on paper forms and lack of authorization. use the tools available for Citizen Developers today and see how you can improve your company's processes!

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