Are You A Sales And Marketing Citizen Developer?

Are You A Sales And Marketing Citizen Developer?
Joel Rollins
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Are You A Sales And Marketing Citizen Developer?

You are responsible for providing the flash and sizzle for your organization. You do not get your hands dirty writing code, but you too can be a Citizen Developer.  

One of the top business processes that the Sales and Marketing department has to contend with is Event Planning.  This process has many moving parts, from resource management and booking travel to managing the PR surrounding the event, this process is crying out to be made more efficient and less stress inducing.

Speaking of reducing stress, you can be the hearo of your department when you automate the Proposal Creation process.  You can conquer this process by automating this time-consuming, document-centric process by automatically generating the documents you need from company templates and the simplifying authentication.  All data is stored electronically for quick, easy access.

Many businesses are driven purely by sales and often agreeing on a price can make or break a sale. How about creating a process that can automate the flow of information between your CRM system and Salesforce?  This process can set alerts to be sure that sales managers do not miss out on available discounts or approval requests.

Great customer service depends on responsive call centers. As a Citizen Developer you can introduce efficiency, increase productivity and ensure tickets are resolved in a timely manner by automating this process.  Gathering customer feedback is also very important and provides organizations with valuable information.  Automating surveys and feedback ensures that data is captured accurately and delivered to the right people.  There are many ways that a Sales and Marketing employee can improve their department's processes using tools designed for the Citizen Developer.

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