Are You A Customer Service Citizen Developer?

Are You A Customer Service Citizen Developer?
Joel Rollins
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Are You A Customer Service Citizen Developer?

The Help Desk is often an underappreciated component of an organization, but you as a Citizen Developer can bring recognition to your department by improving common processes.

What internal customer service processes can be improved?  Would those processes benefit from automation? 

How easy is it to track and respond to help desk requests using your current process?  You may already have workflows as part of your process, but does it lack a feature that you have been desiring to add.  As a Citizen Developer you can use the tools available and update that process.

A big part of the Customer Service department is handling customer complaints.  Automating the process of how the department responds to complaints will improve response times and improve service.

Documentation is vital for any business and there are tools available to the Citizen Developer to automate documentation generation

An important tool for Customer Support is the customer satisfaction survey.  Don’t overlook what benefits automation can bring to the customer survey.

Is your organization’s customer feedback procedures an efficient process?  There are many things that a Citizen Developer such as yourself can do to remove the bottlenecks from your current process to ensure that developers receive timely feedback about the products that they are developing.

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