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Ditch Paper Forms

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As organizations begin to make their digital transformation, Citizen Developers can have a role to play in advising on the best areas to start.  A great place to start are paper forms.  Going paperless has been a goal for many organizations for years.  Nintex offers a no code solution for transforming manual paper-based forms into responsive dynamic, digital forms that can be accessed from just about anywhere on any device.  Below, are three common processes that can be digitized with Nintex Modern Forms.

Are You An Operations Or Procurement Citizen Developer?

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Operations and Procurement Officers can also participate in the growing wave of Citizen Developers improving their organization’s processes.


The #1 Operations process that can use a Citizen Developer hero are travel Requests.  Every company has people that regularly travel.  Normally there is some kind of approval process and after the trip, an expenses report.  This common process is just waiting for you, the Citizen Developer, to save everyone from this painful, manual process.

Are You A Sales And Marketing Citizen Developer?

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You are responsible for providing the flash and sizzle for your organization. You do not get your hands dirty writing code, but you too can be a Citizen Developer.  

One of the top business processes that the Sales and Marketing department has to contend with is Event Planning.  This process has many moving parts, from resource management and booking travel to managing the PR surrounding the event, this process is crying out to be made more efficient and less stress inducing.