Are You An Information Technology Citizen Developer?

Are You An Information Technology Citizen Developer?
Richard Tesmer
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Are You An Information Technology Citizen Developer?

Ok, maybe you are considered the geeks and nerds of your organization, but you are its backbone!  Become more present by showing your chops as a Citizen Developer and how you can make an impact on all team members work lives.

The first place to look for process improvements within the Information Technology team is your internal processes.

Don't forget one of your most obvious touch points - your Help / Support Desk!  It may already include workflows and notifications, but does it reach out to the casual user in an easy way?  Does it lack some functions that you as a Citizen Developer could quickly and eaisly add?

Information Technology is always on the move and changing.  Control that change by developing or changing IT Service / Solutions components!

While Human Resource may own the on-boarding or new hire process, Information Technology plays a crucial role.  IT doesn't have to own the process but they can show how well they can follow and support other Citizen Developers be successful!

And naturaly, service provisioning is one of core Information Technology functions that is typicallly process driven and that you, the IT Citizen Developer can now resolve faster and more efficiently using tools build for the Citizen Developer!

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