Ditch Paper Forms

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As organizations begin to make their digital transformation, Citizen Developers can have a role to play in advising on the best areas to start.  A great place to start are paper forms.  Going paperless has been a goal for many organizations for years.  Nintex offers a no code solution for transforming manual paper-based forms into responsive dynamic, digital forms that can be accessed from just about anywhere on any device.  Below, are three common processes that can be digitized with Nintex Modern Forms.

Nintex: The No Code Document Generation Solution

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Document generation is one of things that employees in different departments of an organization do as part of creating deliverables for their companies or clients.  For the Citizen Developer Nintex DocGen for Salesforce has become one of the top tools for no code generation of documents.  I will list four reasons why Nintex DocGen has become so popular.