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Workflow Approval History Made Easy
Joel Rollins
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Workflow Approval History Made Easy

The Problem

One of the big challenges that users have when working with SharePoint and workflows is how to collect approval history.  This is especially important for process audit and tracking purposes.  The current limitation with SharePoint workflow history is that the data is only stored for 60 days after  a workflow is completed or cancelled.

The Solution

With Nintex, we have more options with what happens with how workflow history is treated.  So, here is a simple solution for tracking and storing approval history.  After every task action is completed, all the important details are captured.  You can store those details to a column in the list.  For easy readability, add this new column to your list form and set it to read only using Nintex Forms rules.


There are several ways to build the workflow for this solution, but this should give you an idea what is involved and how to Nintex can improve you business processes.

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