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New No Code Custom Formatting Solutions in SharePoint Online

More good news to report from the SharePoint operating room.  You now have more options for formatting SharePoint columns in lists and libraries.

Previously, Microsoft released column formatting features first previewed at Ignite 2018 where a user would be able to cut and paste JSON scripts into a column formatting window to add unique end-user interactions, color coding and other visualizations.  Microsoft has given the SharePoint administrator many formatting options when it comes to using JSON. Pretty much anything that you want to do from updating views, multiline displays to Microsoft service interactions such as Flow and Bing Maps services.  Microsoft provided many sample scripts that power users can access from Microsoft’s GitHub site.

But what if you are a regular end user and just want to add some pop to your SharePoint list and have no knowledge of JSON?  Well, we are happy to report that Microsoft has you covered with a new feature called custom formatting.  The user will not have to learn anything new since its similar to what many users already do with column formatting.  The way that custom formatting works is that it’s based-on choice, mainly dates and Boolean columns.  When the user selects the “Format this column” option, the user will be presented with the choice of using a pre-built template, or you can just choose to adjust the colors to your specifications.  Microsoft will be adding support for additional column types later in 2019

Microsoft has provided a demo of the no-code formatting features that will be available at this site:

Custom formatting will begin rolling out to targeted release tenants in April 2019.  The new feature will be available worldwide by late May 2019.

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